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Elgato Stream Deck - A Quick Review

Streamers hate him because of this one trick. You won't believe his secret.

Elgato Stream Deck - A Quick Review

Let us begin this quick review with my initial reactions to Elgato's announcement of a $150 USD device, which I immediately dismissed as being an overpriced 'hotkey machine'.
Subsequently, many conversations with several other stream deck using streamers took place. The general concensus was extremely positive. I had a bunch of Amazon credit built up, so I figured I would give the thing a shot.


The initial packaging of the device was very barebones, but solid and extremely effective. The device inside was in pristine condition (as was expected from the packaging). Inside of the box was a Quickstart Guide, some Elgato Literature, and the Stream Deck device itself.


Upon plugging the device into one of my encoding machine's USB ports, I was greeted by a glowing Elgato logo. Nice! I then downloaded the Stream Deck software from the Elgato website (as mentioned in the quickstart guide). Installation was no different than installing any other Windows program.


I have to give Elgato a bunch of credit - the Stream Deck software is simple to use and 'just works'. I didn't have to use any voodoo or comp-sci arts to get the thing to work. I just set up some buttons in Elgato's intuitive software (which was a breeze), then fired up OBS.

What Do?

So, I currently have my Stream Deck controlling OBS scene switching, playing certain audio files, disabling sources, and looking very fine on my desk. In the future, I will be using the device to control a bunch of animated GIFs to bring the LULs to the tens of my rabid Twitch fans! With this immense power granted to me by the Elgato gods, my domination of Twitch will surely be at hand.
Check out my First Stream with the Elgato Stream Deck.


The Elgato Stream Deck is absolutely worth every penny. I love it. I can not believe I was initially so against it. Get one.