Connor "C_Cage" Howard
Special Education Teacher, Redlight's Social Media Manager, TIME Person of the Year (2006)
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Redlight Roundtable: Episode 1

Redlight Roundtable: Episode 1

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Redlight Roundtable Podcast! In the premiere episode, C_Cage, JT, AJ, and Nestledrink discuss trending topics in the field of technology. This week, the crew discussed the Overwatch League, CES 2018, Awesome Games Done Quick, and more!

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Introductions: 00:00
Overwatch League 01:30
CES 2018: 26:30
Destiny 2 Update: 01:02:45
Future of eSports: 01:16:00
AGDQ: 01:23:30
Random Rants: 01:32:00

Intro song: Sing Swing Bada Bing by Doug Maxwell

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