Connor "C_Cage" Howard
Special Education Teacher, Redlight's Social Media Manager, TIME Person of the Year (2006)
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Redlight Roundtable: Episode 3

Redlight Roundtable: Episode 3

Sitting at the table this week is C_Cage, Eckho, Nestledrink, and the British ambassador to Redlight Connolly. The crew discusses week three of the Overwatch League, the CS: GO Major, the Royal Rumble, as well as finding out the real reason why Cage hates Jimmy Fallon.


00:00 Introductions
01:00 Overwatch League
25:40 CS:GO Boston Major
28:45 Rainbow 6 Shenanigans
36:25 Royal Rumble/NXT Takeover
44:00 Cryptocurrency News
50:26 Ask A Brit
58:52 What have we been playing?
01:13:35 Random Rants

Intro song: Sing Swing Bada Bing by Doug Maxwell

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