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Special Education Teacher, Redlight's Social Media Manager, TIME Person of the Year (2006)
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Redlight Roundtable: Episode 13

Redlight Roundtable: Episode 13

Just like Eric Bischoff, we're back! This week Cage sits down with AJ and JT to discuss Wrestlemania, the Overwatch League Stage 3, the NBA 2K League, and yes, the Dreamkasper situation. The gang also discusses some highlights of the Redlight Gaming community of the past two weeks. Join us!


00:00 Introductions
02:00 Wrestlemania
21:00 Overwatch League....Boston has issues
42:30 NBA 2K League
50:00 OWL Predictions
01:07:51 What have we been playing?
01:11:00 Random Rants
01:21:00 Concluding Statements

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Intro song: Sing Swing Bada Bing by Doug Maxwell