Connor "C_Cage" Howard
Special Education Teacher, Redlight's Social Media Manager, TIME Person of the Year (2006)
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Redlight Roundtable: Episode 4

Redlight Roundtable: Episode 4

This week the crew is down with the sickness! Join Cage, JT, and AJ as they sit around the metaphorical table discussing the big sports game, Overwatch, and the use of YouTube as children's entertainment. All this and more while the three hooligans are battling various illnesses!

00:00 Introductions
08:00 The Big Sports Game
15:00 The XFL and FOOTBALL talk
37:00 Children's access to YouTube and technology
51:41 What have we been playing?
01:09:00 Random Rants
01:30:00 Conclusion and goodbyes

Intro song: Sing Swing Bada Bing by Doug Maxwell

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